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96 TOF - General inquiry

Hello Gentlemen Slight smile

I believe that deploying my customer's inquiry here will help leverage support globally. Many questions are of general interest.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Currently I am supporting a new design and customer has already 96 TOF board and also ADDI9036 full datasheet. They are aware of this channel but I also aligned with them to deliver here the questions, since I have been with ADI support many years and can better filter the inquiry in order to make a more accurate support.

I have dig the forum and below some interesting questioning:

  1. Where is the starting point of measurement inside the sensor in the 96 TOF kit? Is it somewhere in the Panasonic TOF sensor MN34906BLJ5Z
  2. Can you please share with me the mechanical drawings of the kit and specifications of the lens used? Please e-mail to Juliano.Cioffi @ analog 
  3. The kit has three operating modes near, medium and far; What are the modulation frequencies in the different modes shown, or what is the main lighting modulation frequency of the kit ?
  4. Is it possible to use two or more modulation frequencies? 
  5. How can the modulation frequency can be changed?
  6. Will this improve resolution and precision of the distances considering the platform?

Many Thanks



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