High performance signal processing is the core of Analog Devices. We are endlessly challenging ourselves to develop innovative designs to reduce your time to market and help your systems perform at the leading-edge. Our advanced portfolio of LIDAR Technology products enables the highest performance LIDAR systems. 

LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a depth perception method which transmits a light source to do either ranging or create multidimensional depth maps of the scene of interest.

ADI’s signal processing solutions directly enhance the capabilities of LIDAR systems. ADI’s product portfolio offers low noise Transimpedance Amplifier, DACs and Comparators, high speed multi-channel ADC’s in the GS/s, IQ demodulators and a host of power products for the sensitive power management architectures. LiDAR also includes our Time of Flight (ToF) solutions.

  • 3D ToF Depth Sensing

    3D ToF Depth Sensing

    An ADI EngineerZone discussion, FAQ and information forum related to the operation, use and functionality of the Pico DCAM710 depth sensing camera product, which uses ADIs 3D Time of Fight (TOF) VGA resolution depth sensing technology.
    Aug 14, 2022   94997 members
  • Long Range LiDAR

    Long Range LiDAR

    An ADI EngineerZone technical forum related to the operation, use and functionality of Analog Devices' AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ development platform.
    Sep 21, 2022   94997 members

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