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Handling interference between multiple ADTF3175D-NXZ

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADTF3175D-NXZ

The example in shows simultaneous operation of 4 sensors observing the same scene. 

It is not clear however if the sensors are hardware synchronised to avoid potential interference between each other. 

Can you please clarify: 

1) How is interference due to light from other cameras sources handled ?

2) Is there any hardware multi-device synchronisation mode to avoid the above? If so, can you provide more details on that ?

3) Is there a maximum number of sensors that can be used to observe the same scene ?

  • Hello,

    1) The ADTF3175 module modulation frequencies have artificially added noise this decreases the likely hood of intereference between multiple cameras. 

    2) Yes, we do have a solution to this. Please reach out to your local FAE and we can provide documentation through them

    3) Please contact your local FAE for these details.