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Camera not showing up on drop down menu

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADTF3175-NXZ
Software Version: TOF_Evaluation_ADTF3175-Rel2.1.1_EVAL

Dear ADI team,

To test EVAL-ADTF3175-NXZ, I did following jobs.
1) Installed the SW (TOF_Evaluation_ADTF3175-Rel2.1.1_EVAL.exe)
2) Connected the camera. (green light didn't com on)
3) Ran the ADIToFGUI.exe

But the camera is not showing up on drop down menu.
The log message is as following

WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
I0202 15:05:18.853580 22560 system_impl.cpp:73] SDK version: 2.1.0 | branch: master | commit: fa660db
I0202 15:05:18.854583 22560 usb_sensor_enumerator.cpp:55] Looking for USB connected sensors

When I checked the device manager, I couldn't find out any UVC camera in the camera category, but could find out that a new human interface device was detected.
I think EVAL-ADTF3175-NXZ is not detected normally.
Could you please help me to resolve this issue?

Best regards,


Added additional information.
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  • Hello, 

    If the green light is not turning on, it is possible that your laptop does not have enough power to run the camera. To test if the nxp image is okay, you could plug the usb-c port to any PD2.0 capably charger such as a laptop charger or phone charger. In this case if the green light comes on, you can try running the camera with a usb hub with external power.