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ADSD3100 limitations

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADSD3100


We were evaluating using ADSD3100 in our product. But its datasheet is not yet public so would need some clarity on the capability of the product.

1 > Does ADS3100 need the ADSD 3500 for depth evaluation ?

2 > Is specific region of interest supported ? like a particular area of pixels on the sensor like 100x100 or 200x200 or 128x128?

3 > What is the practical limit from ADSD3100 design/capability that limits the range? For example, if we use a powerful laser source , narrow field of view lens, co-operative target, or any other such assisting feature - can the range be increased to 100m or 1km?

Please let us know

  • Hello!

    1) We do not support new module designs with the ADSD3100, we do offer a fully calibrated module ADTF3175. Currently we are only supporting ADTF3175+ADSD3500 system designs.   

    2) ROI is not supported right now, the user would have to post-process the data.

    3) The laser source and modulation frequencies would be have the highest impact in regards to the range of the module.