AD9834 evaluation board problem

Hi, I am having difficulty to generate a sine wave using AD9834 evaluation board. Can someone please tell the right procedure to work on it. I have followed the instruction mentioned in the help datasheet of the board but its not working.

  • Hi,

    Have you encountered any error from the evaluation software as shown on page 4 of the user guide?

    If possible, kindly share a screenshot of your evaluation software.

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  • Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply. I managed to get the board working. 

    Can you please tell whether a high amplitude signal can be generated with this DDS?

    1. Can it generate a user defined amplitude signal at the output? Currently it generates between 350mVp-p to 360mVp-p output signal. I am interested in a signal of amplitude 1-2Vp-p or higher? 
    2. The phase register is used for what purpose?

    Thanks for your support in advance.