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Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9914

In my DDS output at 400Mhz some oscillations or harmonics i am exactly not getting that issue till now is coming.

My sweep time is 1microsec and my sweep range is 200-500Mhz .

and i  using a 50Mhz diff input clock and i enabled PLL and iam operating a system frequency of 2.4GHz and iam using a 3.3K resistor to ground at DAC_Rset.

can you explain why my output is only 200-280Mv and my dc offset 2.8v.

here i am giving my diff clock from FPGA with coupling capacitors 0.1 it recommended?

in my   DAC_BP pin i am getting 0.6V .is it correct or what should actually i get ?

how can i calculate and configure My DAC voltage for Max Value?

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