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Power-up and DAC Calibration

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9914


Once reading the datasheet, I understand that: DAC calibration is mandatory after power-up and ensuring REF_CLK OK.

Is it possible that, without performing the DAC calibration, _sometimes_ the DDS output looks good, even measuring phase noise OK and without spurious?.

I know, if I don't do a DAC calibration the ambient temperature changes could impact timing and degrade performance, but _sometimes_ I get good phase noise, without spurios, etc without performing the DAC calibration.

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  • Hi  ,

    The DAC Cal is essential in a sense that it initiates a routine to optimize the setup and hold times for internal DAC timing. Failure to do so may degrade the performance and even result in loss functionality. DAC Cal should be initiated after each power-up and every time the REFCLK or the Internal System Clock is changed. 

    To answer your question, it will not be guaranteed that without DAC Calibration your DDS output would have good phase noise without spurs. 

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