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AD9914 Evaluation Board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9914/PCBZ, 8
Software Version: AD9914 GUI v1.0.6712.17746 ; AD9914 Programmer v

 I have an AD9914 evaluation board and want to complete preliminary debugging through the GUI. Make connections according to the AD9914/AD9915 Evaluation Board User Guide and enter a clock of 500M-3500M, voltages of 1.8Voltage and 3.3Votalge. After completion, the module was connected to the computer, but the lower right corner of the GUI still showed that it was not connected, and the spectrum analyzer did not respond as it should. And I got help from Jules from the EngineerZone. She( or he?) told me that I should try to get this board into programmable mode, which I have prepared already now( Program with Evaluation Board Programmer and it shows Programming Completed Successfuly at last.).   But the GUI shows no board connected yet when I follow the guide. 

One more thing, I did not find one jumper named "Enable EEPROM" mentioned in the 4062.EEPROM Reprogram.pdf on the board.