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I need a reference circuit for 4_wire the impedance measurement using AD5934, range 50 to 250 ohm.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5934

I saw the reference design file CN0349 and CN0217, I think both are 2-wire implementation of the AD5P3x family IC. Can I get the circuit reference for the 4-wire implementation, with impedance range of 50 to 250 ohm. 

Help will be highly appreciated. 

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  • The point is that, once wires are disconnected and put into the saline, the DC voltages are blocked by the equivalent capacitance of the polarization layer between the wire and electrolyte. Adding capacitors will put those in sequence with the polarization layer and will not help with the DC bias of the INAMP - the inputs would need to be DC-biased by some additional circuits. Connecting T1 to R1 and T2 to R2 takes care of the DC bias automatically, why would it be necessary to keep those wires apart?