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I need a reference circuit for 4_wire the impedance measurement using AD5934, range 50 to 250 ohm.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5934

I saw the reference design file CN0349 and CN0217, I think both are 2-wire implementation of the AD5P3x family IC. Can I get the circuit reference for the 4-wire implementation, with impedance range of 50 to 250 ohm. 

Help will be highly appreciated. 

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  • The problem now I face, is, when I use 4 wires and short 2 wires together (T1 with R1 and T2 with R2) see the picture.

    In this case I can get reading. See the pictures as a reference.

    4 wires, 2 wires short together.

    This is the waveform in the saline water.

    But, WHEN I use for wires or electrodes separated from each other, then the behavior changes completely. I can not get any proper reading. please. check the pictures below.

    This is 4 wires, first (white) and last (brown) are T1 and T2. Second (Blue) and  third (black) are R1 and R2 (R stands for receiver)

    This is the acquire waveform,

    Saline water is used in both cases, with conductivity of 7.37 mS/cm.

    Can you help with this.