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I need a reference circuit for 4_wire the impedance measurement using AD5934, range 50 to 250 ohm.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5934

I saw the reference design file CN0349 and CN0217, I think both are 2-wire implementation of the AD5P3x family IC. Can I get the circuit reference for the 4-wire implementation, with impedance range of 50 to 250 ohm. 

Help will be highly appreciated. 

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  • Let me add the pictures of the waveform.


    120 ohm

    AD9534 frequency is 5khz and sweep increment I set to 4 Hz. The acquired signal amplitude does changes but I get 91 Ohm when I place 120 Ohm resistor after calibration.  

    After calibration with 100 ohm, when I do measure 100 ohm I get 100 ohm.

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