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Problem for finding complete working code and connection of AD5934 IC with Arduino uno

Category: Hardware
Software Version: Arduino uno 1.8.2

I am trying to interface AD5934 IC with Arduino UNO ...I am not getting exact hardware connection and complete working of coding part.

I am trying to calculate impedance measurement and calibration part using AD5934 IC with Arduino UNO .

Please any one could help me out for this tissue.

I have a deadline of 1 week to complete this project.

I have tried in all possible ways.

Please could any one can help me out is more greatful to me.

  • I have tried in all possible ways

    What is the state of your project at this point besides its urgency? Do you have your Uno board connected to your PC? If so, can you load and execute any (AD5934 unrelated) demo sketch with it? If so, can you hook up your AD5934 chip (pinout is identical to the AD5933 shown) to your Uno according to the diagram:


    If you have done that, can you Copy/Paste the code form Antonius's AD5934-Arduino-Driver link into your environment, compile and execute it? If not, what would be the holdup?

  • Hi Snorlax,

    I have connected same as you share the image and I even downloaded AD5934-Arduino-Driver link and i just complied it but I have no idea where is actually i am missing it is not showing any kind of results....

    Thank you for your suggestion...

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