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AD9911 Evaluation Board : Crystal use issue

Hi AD,

I’m currently using the AD9911/PCBZ evaluation board for prototyping. I succeed to generate the signals that I want in both USB/SPI programming. No problem here.

However, I would like to use a crystal instead of my frequency generator as clock reference: I soldered a 25 MHz crystal and both bypass capacitors on the dedicated footprints of the board (X2, C66, C67). I moved the jumper W11 on crystal mode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the crystal.

I’ve read somewhere on the forum that no signal on SYNC_CLK when the chip powers up means a REF_CLK issue. It is my case, with the crystal no signal there.

As crystal, I am using a WE 830010595 and I checked both R52, R53 are mounted.

Am I missing something ? I have no clue what I should investigate now. Should I try with another crystal ? Should I unmount C21 and C22 ?

Thank you for your help.

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