How to power the AD5933 evaluation board?

I recently bought  EVAL-AD5933EBZ. 

I have a question to ask before using the device: 

Will, connecting the eval-board to computer PC ,going to power the onboard components like AD5933 , MCU and others ? or I have to design separate power supply.

Please reply

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    on Aug 29, 2021 8:25 PM

    Please refer to your board user guide UG-364. On the first page it says: "The user has the option to power the entire circuitry from the USB port of a computer." Most likely the board has arrived configured to be powered from the USB port. You can double-check by making sure the jumpers on the board are set as described in Table 1. of the guide: LK5 should be in place and LK6 in position A, also refer to Figure 33. Linear Regulator on the EVAL-AD5933EB Evaluation Board.

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    Coming to calibration of the evaluation board,

    I don't find any option to adjust the feedback resistor (RFB) in the front panel of the evaluation board software. While reading the user guide UG-364, I found this " note RFB = 200 kΩ. Is it already programmed value. Cant we change this value ? How to change RFB in the evaluation board? Please reply. 

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    on Sep 2, 2021 5:24 AM in reply to Satish321

    You do not need to change RFB in the software: it is factored in the gain calculation based on the data produced by the chip in response to calibration resistor.
    You certainly can and should change the RFB value by installing the through-hole resistor between the two female sockets on the board where it is marked "RFB," see the picture, near the bottom of the upper right quadrant. Perhaps this resistor is already installed on the board and it's value is probably 200k.

  • Hi,

    I bought AD5933 chip separately. I tested with multimeter , it showed pins 12, 13 and 14 are internally shorted. Is it so ? Please help.

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    on Oct 7, 2021 5:32 PM in reply to Satish321

    Only somebody from ADI can answer this question as the official documentation is silent regarding this matter. If you look at the schematic on p. 23 of the UG-364 pin 12 is connected to a separate ground, which would imply that pin 12 is connected to a separate internal circuit, but without documentation it is all still just guessing and speculation.