impedance measurement (AD5933)


I referred to the datasheet of AD5933 and the user guide (UG-364)of the evaluation board for AD5933.
Following questions arose. Please help me to clear these doubts.
1. For low impedance measurement (<500 ohms). An additional circuit (figure35 in AD5933 datasheet)suggested. Is it built on the evaluation board, so that we can connect? Else we need to design separately.
2. In the GUI panel there is an option for multi-point calibration. Is it two-point calibration or more than two? 
3. About repeat frequency: I could not find this option on the GUI panel. Can we repeat the frequency sweep from the software accompanied with eval-board?
4. Is the output excitation frequency 100 kHz, when MCLK is at 16.67 MHz. Do increase or decrease in MCLK effect output excitation frequency. What is the maximum clock input we can give to the device, Is it 16.67 MHz? can we increase it further. Can we increase the excitation frequency beyond 100 kHz by increasing MCLK? 
Waiting for your reply.

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