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AD9913 - Electromagnetic Susceptibility Test Failure


I could find that AD9913 is failing one EMC susceptibility test: When applying 10V/m @ 250MHz, device stop working.

Test has been run using a TEMCell. AD9913 is running on a custom PCB using a 25MHz quartz. Internal clock is running at 250MHz.

Do you confirm ?

Do you have any hint to avoid this problem ?

Thank you in advance

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  • Hi,

    The device is not inherently designed to operate under EMC impairment. The introduced impairment of 10V/m @ 250MHz is at the same frequency as the system clock. This is likely imposing excessive jitter on the system clock resulting in internal setup/hold violations within the clock tree. If the intent is to operate in an impaired environment, the device should be shielded against those impairments.

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