Square Wave using AD9910 Eval Board

I have followed the previous question (https://ez.analog.com/dds/f/q-a/28425/can-ad9910-generate-square-and-triangular-waves/153397#153397) to get a square wave using the DRG. However I had a few follow up questions:

- The Rising/Falling step interval in amplitude mode goes up in discrete values (for example. 0.2880us , 0.2960us, 0.3040us..) I want to generate a square wave of frequency somewhere between these values, is it possible to do that?

- If I wanted to use the RAM for square wave generation, how would I go about it? I want to generate a square wave of 1.7MHz. I am not at all familiar with what to put in the begining and final addresses.

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