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AD9833 output distortion


i am using AD9833 as a modulating source for laboratory plasma gun. I need to generate a triangular waveform in the range of 1 HZ to 1 MHz. In the low frequency range (1Hz – 100 kHz), the circuit works without problems, but strong distortion of the output signal increases. I enclose a waveform of the output signal of 200 kHz and 1 MHz. I wanted to ask you for advice because I am not able to find a defect and I am not even sure if there is any technical limitation. An Agilent desktop generator is used as the MCLK reference signal source (10 MHz) and the software configuration (for the 1 MHz output) is as follows:

ctrl_reg = binaryVectorToHex([0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0         0 0 1 0]);    % triangle

freq registr LSB = 0x599A

freq registr MSB = 0x4666

Thank you so much for your help!