AD9910 DUT not detected when REF Clock set to XTAL

I got an AD9910/PCBZ evaluation board and I'm trying to get it up and running. I got the drivers installed and the software is running on W10.

Using the supplied excel sheet I calculated a matching loop filter and populated it (R37 1k (949 calc), C13 1nF (753pF calc), C15 27pF (26,8 pF calc)).

For now I want to evaluate the performance with the onboard 25MHz XTAL. Therefore I removed C51 and C52, shorted R4 and R11 and set jumper W7 to XTAL. When I power up the board and load the software the board is detected as Cyusb-1 but the AD9910 labels shows as RED and I get the massage that "Error - DUT not detected". 

When I put the jumper W7 on REF_CLK (having still C51 and C52 removed and R4 & R11 shorted) the board loads up fine.

I both cases the XTAL is not oscillating (checked with X10 probe), no signal on XTAL_OUT TP22.

I already resoldered the XTAL and the capacitors next to it, but without luck.

What I notices further:

With W7 on XTAL:

* Current consumption on 1.8VDD stay low at 5.6mA
* No output signal generated
* no lock on PLL
* XTAL not oscillating
* AD9910 label stays red

With W7 on REF_CLOCK:

* Current consumption on 1.8VDD goes up to 140mA
* output signal generated with wrong frequency
* no lock on PLL
* XTAL not oscillating
* AD9910 label goes green

I noticed that on the board U1 (IDT72V285) is not installed.

Attached also an image of the software:

Jumpers are:

W1 - enable
W2 - enable
W3 - installed
W4 - enable
W5 - installed
W6 - installed
W11 - open

What else can I check?