12-bit AM sine wave DDS

Hello there, 

I have spent the last 2 days trying to find a single channel 12-bit (or greater) DAC or DDS arbitrary which has all of the following features:

1. Be more than 10-bits.

2. Handle an output frequency range of 0.1Hz to 1kHz, this is not a very high frequency application

3. Have the ability to ramp-up and ramp-down, or have the ability to do some sort of amplitude modulation.

4. Have SPI/I2C

5. (if available) has internal memory for a sin wave or an arbitrary waveform.

6. Be less than 100mW (it is not an RF application, it is a biomedical application)

Based on my searches, here are my notes:

1. The 983x are all 10-bit, I know the 9833 has FM and PM but no AM. Also, I am aware of the 2-chip solution presented here.

2. The 593x is an impedance analyzer, but it does not have the FSADJUST pin that the 9833 has to allow for the 2-chip solution.

3. The 9102 is perfect for all my requirements, but it seems like it is being obsoleted, which is extremely unfortunate, it is the only one of its kind. If there is a newer version of this that is yet to release, I am interested in getting a sample/evaluation board that we can incorporate in our design. 

Looking forward to see if I have missed anything, and your suggestions/ideas.