AD9959 evaluation board USB interface problem

Dear Help,

    I'm trying to control an AD9956 EVB using the ADI s/w from my Windows 10 laptop, and I couldn't get any response out of the board.  Here are what I found so far:

-- When first connected, the board showed up in device manager as unknown device

-- I followed the instructions in the AD9958 AD9959 EVB-flash.txt file and the DriverGuide.mht files to reflash the on board EEPROM

-- Now board shows up as ADI development board, and 16 Bytes were read back "successfully" : C0 56 04 26 EE 01 00 00, followed by a bunch of FFs

-- After connecting a USB cable to the board, USB Status LED CR2 blinks

-- I fired up the evaluation s/w (Version 2.0, downloaded and installed 10/12/2020), and the splash screen says "Software is up and running ..."; I can't tell if the text is red or green!  Supplied voltages on TB1 are at 1.8V and 3.3V as printed next to the pins, and 1.8V is supplied to CLK_VDD (also shows up on AVDDx connectors).

-- Bottom left corner of the s/w window says USB status: Not connected; DUT Type: NONE

-- It seems that the s/w is not talking to the board.  Is there a different driver or s/w that I need to use with Windows 10 (home edition)?

-- I put a scope probe on the RESET_U, SCLK_U and CSB_U pins on connector U13 and click Master Reset, Load and Read buttons multiple times,  CSB_U stays HIGH (3.3V) .  No signs of life from the other pins.

    Would you please advise how I should further debug the problem.  Thanks!


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