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ADF4350's SPI configration problem


       we want to use FPGA+ADF4350 to generate two high frequency clk(up to 2.4GHz),  ADF4350 can be configured in SPI bus standard.

As we know, there are four signals of SPI, but there only there for ADF4350'SPI.

We want to konw is the LE pin of ADF4350 is the same as cs pin of SPI bus standard?

The NIOS II software core is integrated in altera's FPGA, we can use SPI of NIOS II to config lots of ADI chips(AD9518 AD8322 and so on) with conveniency. Can we config ADF4350 in the same way(NIOS II SPI)?

SPI BUS standard ------------ ADF4350

   SCLK                --------------CLK(PIN1)

   CS                   --------------LE(PIN3)

   SDIO             ----------------DATA(PIN2)

   SDO             ---------------NO PIN