DDS AD9953 has no output


I using AD9953 for single tone generator.

The input clock is 160Mhz single-ended sinewave.(400mVp-p with 1V DC offset).

I wrote CFR1 = 0x00 00 02 00. (Only set 3-wire srial interface)

and CFR2 = 0x00 00 00. (no multiplier, by-pass clock)

and FTW0 = 0x04 ff ff ff. (set frequency is 50MHz).

But the output is nothing. What is wrong?

I got the register value when read the chip(CFR1 = 0x00 00 02 40, CFR2 = 0x14 00 00 and FTW0 = 0x04 ff ff ff.)

and I got SYNC_OUT clcock which is 40MHz squrewave.
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