AD9854 with ATMEGA32 and USB

G'day Forum,

Please go easy on me as I am a beginner

Here goes, another impulse Ebay buy finally arrived.

Really I want to use it to output waves that I can watch on my oscilliscope.

Now I can't figure out how to use it without the little control app.  The "AD9854 Control_Softwear" I am using now (AD9854_Software.exe from the souce code\For_VB directory that I got from the ebay seller) allows me to set the following:



Delta Frequency

Ramp Rate Clock

Reference Clock

Output Amplitude checkbox with I and Q sliders

Triangle checkbox

Multiplication Frequency dropdown with X0-X10 options

Work Mode dropdown with Single Tone, FSK, Ramped FSK, Chirp and BPSK

I have a bunch of questions, please help: 

Does anyone have the pinouts for JP2, basically it's 6 pins? 

What does the VR1 pot set, do I need to touch it?

Why does it have 6 SMA ports, I have tried E1 and E2 and both have a default freq of 1.000mhz and a prd of 1.000us what do e3 thru e6 do?

The fourth image here: shows an updated software with the following settings that I don't have, I think this guy Zhang Lihua 88 might be the designer of the board: 

Looks like Wave Set, this could be a crucial one as I would like to get a square wave!




Time value

Anybody got this updated software or are familiar enough with these boards to help me out?

Thanks for looking.