Have three unlearned questions about AD9851

Application here is to provide a signal of between 57 and 62 MHz at -5 to +12 dBm level (with ability to set) ( in 50 ohm system).

I'm considering what kind of topology to use.  I like  idea presented in Figure 9 and 10 of the AD9851 data sheet.  It is easy for

me to add a DAC for some amplitude control.

I am so much of a beginner at this.  I very much appreciate anyones advice or help, and any comment will be welcomed.  Even if I have totally

incorrect approach I will be thankful to know.

1)  What signal levels can I expect to be at the transformer output?

2)  How much change will be available by using DAC like figure 10?

3)  Plan is to put anti-alias filter at output of the transformer.  Is this good choice, or is another better?

Thanks so very much for your kind attention.