AD9858 eval. Board DAC adressing problem

Hi there guys.

first of all, pls excuse my bad english, i'm non native

my problem :

i have an AD9858/PCBZ Evaluation Board Z Ref(F) here, which is the

simple DDS DAC type of the board. I can run it via the given software

and get exactly the results as i expect them on the spectrum analyzer.

But now i want to (and actually need to) run it via LABVIEW to implement

it into my experimental setup. (i want to use it as a freq. generator).

to aquire control of the board i want to use the same LPT1 parallel port the

software uses.

the problem is that i have no idea how to adress it correctly.

i know how to adress the registers and single bits of the registers of the parallel port

in labview via "Out Port.VI" and "In Port.VI".

what i dont know is, which pin (and thus bit of which register) corresponds to

which function / pin on the board.

what i know is the adressing inside the board which is explained in the datasheet.

for example how to set the Freq tuning word for profile 1. i know the adress and the value

i have to give it.

But how is it actually done ? I think i have to pull the "Write Pin / Bit" first and then

send adress and then the data ? is that correct ?

but which pin of the parallel port corresponds to the write? or read ? or reset ?

has anyone experience in using these kind of boards with labview ?

or is there a simpler way then giving it ones and zeroes ??

thanks for your help, much appriciated !

regards, jeken

ps.: if there is any api, dll or similar available, pls tell. i'd be more than happy to use

that instead of doing it the way i try now ..