AD9851 DDS Evaluation Board


We are thinking of using AD9851 DDS IC for our project. We want to generate 1.000010 MHz as output sine wave and the using the on chip comparator to convert this sine wave into square wave. the input clock is either 20 MHz or 30 MHz and in 6 x clock multiplier mode.

Is it possible to using AD9851 to get the above requirement in practical????

We also downloaded the Gerber file of the evaluation board layout (AD9851 CG) from the following link

We found some issue with the Gerber file, when we saw that Gerber files (.pho) in gerberlogix and on online gerber viewer, the dd0124 is misaligned with coordinate axis. The dd0124.pho file i.e. drill file has some shift from the other files.

We want to get this board fabricated and we want to using the exact layout but this misalignment (shift) is creating some doubt in us.

So if possible try to clarify this observation.