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DDS: Testing, and Application Signal Chain Building using AD9834

Hi! Kevin, Thanks alot firstly, for helping on my queries. It helps.

As informed earlier, I'm possessing two signal generators 33250A (Agilents).

However, I want STEPWISE verrification of VPHS o/p swing from 30mV to 1.8 V using DDS (ad9834) as one of the input to AD8302.

It's just not that verification but, even in my application I wish to apply reference i/p to AD8302 from DDS and other signal to travel to load (Please refer block diagram, given below) as an electrical stimulus, after splitting DDS signal in to two signals.


Can I directly connect o/p of DDS EVAL kit to AD8302 i/p, do u think i need any buffer in between while doing such an integration besides adding attenuator to AD8302. Also, as I intend to apply electrical stimulus from DDS signal generator to load, as shown in one of the DDS Application guide below, can you answer my signal chain building questions:

Source: (written by EVA Murphy, Analog Devices)

Questions:(Signal chain building )

Referring above block diagram except A/D is replaced with AD8302, do you think the signal chain will include:

Path1: DDS-signal generator >>>buffer-imp matching>>>Low pass filter-antialiasing>>>buffer-imp matching>>>power amplifier-to meet load power>>>V1(as above, block diagram)>>>Signal splitter: two signals>>>load/network/black-box>>> V2(as above, block diagram)>>>buffer>>>INPB of AD8302 through ATTB

Path2: V1>>>Signal splitter>>> INPA of AD8302 through ATTA

For above signal building, can you kindly inform me what buffers, LPFs, attenuators should be most appropriate if I'm using DDS-9834.

I will highly appreciate and grateful if you can provide above guidance at earliest.

Note: please refer DDS Applications, a pdf doc attached herewith. Figure 2 is the exact system, I'm trying to implement except that the AD7866 is replaced with AD8302 to measure the phase and amplitude variations of the network. Now, to integrate AD9834 and AD8302 as shown in Figure 2, DDS Applications (pdf document attached herewith), I want technical support to decide about what low pass filter, buffer components etc should be used to realize shown application (Figure 2, DDS Applications). My this post is all about that.

Looking to see your prompt response as above.

Thanks and sincere regards,


Message was edited by: Babankumar Bansod Trying to implement DDS Application example as shown in Figure 2 except that the AD7866 is replaced with Ad8302 (DDS Application pdf is attached). This post is all about that.