Programming AD9914 over SPI


I would like to program the AD9914 eval board over SPI with a microcontroller.

I don't understand why it doesn't work, because my SPI interpreter decodes any good values.

I have attached a screenshot of my SPI diagrams (DAC calibration).

Thanks for your help,


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  • Thanks,

    I have started to work on your suggestions,


    If you're trying to program the AD9914 evaluation board externally, I would first  try something simple like program the AD9914 to disable the SYNC_CLK at SMA connector J100 . That way, you could simply monitor the SYNC_CLK SMA connector for ON/OFF operation. The SYNC_CLK defaults to enable. To disable the SYNC_CLK  write to register 0x01 register bit 11."


    I have managed via a simple SPI library in the ARDUINO to output an address of 0x01 the value 0b11 (see picture attached)

    regarding point 1)  Practically does it mean that I put the jumpers of P205=Enable, P203=Disable, P204=Enable?


    Where do I connect onto the Evaluation board the SCLK, SDIO. Currently it is on the MPI01 and MPI02 Header. Is this correct?

    Do I use the IOUPDATE input as it is mention on the evaluation board Header?

    What do I do with the other jumper, do I keep them as default on the two Headers?


    Many thanks in advance


  • Dear ,

    have you managed to control AD9914 with SPI? I am currently facing the same problems and have exactly the same questions. Could you please share with your experience?

    Thanks in advance!

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