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AD5933 with big errors

experiment with sample circuit, voltage source ADR433, resistor connected between VOUT and VIN  1kΩ and the feedback resistor  1kΩ to calibrate the gain factor.internal crystal oscillator ,excitation frequency 30Khz , 1Vpp.

1K 2K 3K 5.1K 6.8K 7.5K 8.2K 10K real
1000 1806 2617 4316 5689 6263 6861 8316 measure(Ω)

  only the integer part is given.

external crystal oscillator 163.84Mhz ,excitation frequency 30Khz , 1Vpp or 2Vpp ,the result is similar to the above.


1.why so big errors?

2.the chip pin 12(DGND) 13(AGND) 14(AGND) is short measured by multimeter . the chip designed   or my chip is broken?