Multi AD9914 configuration and settings


We plan to use several DDS (let's say 10) in one system.

All the DDS get the same profiles.

All the DDS get the same REF_CLK of 100Mhz via a CXO and a clock distribution device, all adjusted for 0 delay /squew between them. The Internal PLL is used and operating at 2.5Ghz.

When switching off the power of the DDS only and then switching ON:

1-  Will each DDS return to its previous frequency, Phase and amplitude (profiles are saved) after each switch ON?

2- Will we see a difference between the 10 DDS after each swith OFF/ON?

3-4 Same question in case of using an external REF_CLK of 3.5Ghz (PLL is deactivated).

5-In addition, I cannot find any reference design using the SYNC_IN and SYNC_OUT for multi chip use. Can you pls send it? 

6-Is it possible to route the PLL output to an external pin?