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AD9852 no output

Would you give me some comment about that

- we are using AD9852 DDS for our system.

- this is the source of the LMH6503.

- in some case, after finishing booting sequence, there is no output in the DDS, IOUT1 and IOUT1B.

Does the DDS can have no output by itself or is it due to the wrong programming during booting?

  • Hi,

    Kindly check the following:

    1. For the power supply, ensure that enough current is being supplied.

    2. For the reference clock, ensure that power level is around 0dBm.

    3. If using PLL to multiply reference clock, ensure that there are loop filter components.

    4. Also ensure that there is Rset to set the full-scale output current.

    Best regards,