AD9523-1 VCXO frequency not getting changed according to GUI setting

I am working with AD9523-1 which has a 100Mhz VCXO (CVHD950X 100M) a 40-100Mhz oscillator. I am not giving any external reference signals for PLL1 jitter cleanup. So only PLL2 and onboard VCXO is getting used for clock generation.  I am making the changes on GUI to derive a particular frequency eg. 66.12Mhz. I changed the VCXO frequency to 99.18Mhz which should give me 66.12Mhz but I am getting output 66.7Mhz which is corresponding to VCXO frequency of 100Mhz. I checked the frequency generated by VCXO in channel 1 which shows 99.18Mhz on GUI but when I see on the scope it is actually 100Mhz. The VCXO frequency is not getting changed in short. I suspect that since I have not made any connection to the vcxo_ctrl pin present just adjacent to the VCXO on board that it is not getting generated. The connection details are not given in the datasheet or manual. I am attaching my setup file for 66.12Mhz along with the image of the board showing the vcxo_ctrl pin not connected. If I need to make any connection on this board then what and how to do that connection.