I am using AD5932 with microcontroller feather M0 to generate an output frequency of 90 KHz  and increment it to 130 KHz with 1000 KHz frequency interval.

The data for all my registers are:

Control word- 0ED3 hex

Start frequency LSB - C5F7 hex

Start frequency MSB - D007 hex

Frequency increment LSB - 2150 hex

Frequency increment MSB - 3000 hex

Number of increment - 53E8 hex

i am setting interrupt low, standby low and control pin high before transferring the values of registers.

The problem i am having is that the output frequency i am getting is 250 KHz which increases to 6 MHz and stops and this is happening regardless of the vales in the registers. For example, even if i can my start frequency or frequency increment , i am getting the same output.

I don't understand if there is something wrong in the code or circuit.