AD9915 PLL won't lock above 2.4GHz, Very low DDS Output power


I'm trying to setup the AD9915 with a double-ended crystal clock at 156.25MHz.

I'm using a 2x Divider, and N=16 which should set the PLL output to 2.5GHz.

Unfortunately After VCO Calibration and reading lock status bit, I'm not achieving lock.

If I set N to 15 (2.34GHz) then I am able to achieve lock.

If I set 8xDivider and N=61 (2.38GHz) I am also able to achieve lock.

If I try N=62 (2.42GHz), I can unable to achieve lock.

I'm attempting to get the PLL frequency into the 2.4-2.5GHz region described on page 28 of the datasheet.

When running at 2.38GHz SYSCLK, I'm also seeing very low (-54dBm) sine output from the DDS Core at when setting to 800MHz over Direct Mode.

I have tried setting the Amplitude to full using Direct Mode, Profile Mode, and also OSK Mode, but all of these attempts result in signal disappearing.

I don't know if this is due to the SYSCLK being out of spec, but it's worth mentioning.

Any help with these matters would be much appreciated.