I want to make a impedance analyzer using AD5933.

I want to make a impedance analyzer using ad5933. But i didn't know anything, so I tried to search some information, but i didn't find much.

I found the below circuit. What program and device do I need to compile the ad5933 for the above circuits and where do I get the code?

I'm a beginner of this field. So help me...

  • It is difficult to recommend anything specific not knowing what kind of project this is: hobby, academic? Do you have access to lab equipment like power supply, oscilloscope? Do you want to do it using a PC or do you have some microcontroller with I2C interface (Arduino?) you can use to control the AD5933? Can you purchase some stuff to work with or does it need to be on a shoestring? Can you do some programming?

    Assuming you have a PC at your disposal from which you posted your message, you can purchase the AD5933 Demo Board to jump-start your project. If it is too expensive for your budget you may consider acquiring a USB to I2C interface, something like these and a PmodIA module. You can certainly build those yourself if you have time and skill.