Trigger Issue with the DDS AD9914 and ADC 9656

Hi everyone, 

I am currently facing a synchronization problem between the DDS AD9914 (  and an ADC card AD9656 (

I generate a chirp with the DDS. First, I would like to know on which pin of the DDS card, I can get the status of the ramp to make it a trig signal for the ADC card.

So as far as the ADC card is concerned, what kind of signal is needed to trig it, can I shape the pulse of the ramp status with to make it a square signal?
What are the conditions for this card AD9656 to trigger correctly?

 I tried several times to trigger with this card it never works. I tried all the tutorial of trigger issues but i still can't trig.

Is there any "experimental" explanation of the trigger issue of this ADC board with a waveform generator like the DDS AD9914?

Best regards!