AD9910 driver

Hi, I have a problem to connect the AD9910 board to my computer, it's always unknown device in device manager, I try to followed  the suggestion in

1. Download and install the “USB Eval Board Programmer"

2. Before applying power, pull the W2 jumper.

On other eval boards, it may be labeled “EEPROM ENABLE.”

3. Apply power to the board. (This puts the Cypress chip in its default mode.)

4. Replace the jumper. This re-establishes the connection between the EEPROM and Cypress chip.

5. Connect the USB cable. The LED next to the USB connector will not blink.

6. Run the software.

7. At the top of the window, the user should see "Cyusb-1" under

"Select USB Device to Program."

7a. If "No Boards Found" is displayed, the user should locate a file called

"DriverGuide.mht" located in the following directory for instructions

on how to associate an unknown evaluation board with ADI's software:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\USB Eval Board Programmer

8. Select "AD9910 Eval Board (32/64-bit)" for "Select Evaluation board to Identify".

9. Click "Program EEPROM". The software should indicate successful programming.

10. Disconnect the USB cable and power cycle the board.

11. Connect the USB cable. The USB status LED (CR2) should blink after

but i fails at  step 7,  after i opened " ADI_CYUSB_LRF_X86.inf", it always show "The folder you sepcified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sur it is designedd to work with Windows for 32-bit systems."  

and i don't have a  "didn't have the rights of the dsinst.xml file changed to allow modification" problem,

It will be grateful if anyone can give some advice.