Does AD9914 parallel programming mode read of profile registers require profile pins (PS[2:0]) to be driven with profile number ?

There is no specification in the AD parallel programming mode description that it is required to drive the profile pins (PS[2:0]) with the profile number when reading the profile registers.

However, for the serial programming mode there is a description of that saying " ... to read back any profile register (0x0B to 0x1A), the three external profile pins must be used.  For example, if the profile register is Profile 5 (0x15), the PS[0:2] pins must equal 101.".

In the data sheet there is a figure showing that the parallel programming and serial programming mode are connected to the registers more or less the same way, so maybe the parallel programming mode description simply lacks a description for control of the profile pins (PS[2:0]) when reading the profile registers.

Is there anyone that can say if the profile pins (PS[2:0]) must or need not be driven when reading the profile registers using parallel programming mode ?

Thanks in advance.