AD5933 with AFE custom setup - Calibration Procedure

Hi everyone!

I have read some posts of this forum, but unfortunatellly i was unable to fin any answer to my question. I have a custom setup with an AD5933 and with AFE, equal to the one described in AN-1252 to measure some plants impedance. The idea is to perform a wide frequency analysis, ideally exploring all of the AD5933 range. To do that, i have splitted the range i want to measure in smaller bands of 10 kHz, like described in AN. I have set the calibration resistors and feedback resistors using the formulations described in that application note.

1 - Since i'am using an AFE and the first opAmp introduces a voltage offset of vdd/2 to the voltage generated by AD5933, and the whole circuit is powered at 3.3V, the highest output voltage that i can configure my AD5933 is 0.98V to avoid clipping in the first opAmp, correct?

2- I'am planning to explore both single frequency and multi-frequency calibration, but i confused how to do it. In single frequency, can i do a complete frequency sweep in each of the frequency band i defined and use only the center frequency to calculate the gain factor, or should i program the AD5933 to do only a sweep containing only the center frequency of my interval?

In multipoint frequency, i perform the complete sweep and calculate the GF for each one, correct?

This may sound like a noob question, but i'am really new in this area!

Thank you all!