AD9914 Parallel programming issue


I tried to program the AD9914 DDS with the parallel programming mode. I made the following procedures but cannot see any output in the spectrum analyzer.

0- I reset the board by sending an active high pulse on the RST pin and change it to zero.

1-  I set the F[3:0] = 0000 to select the parallel interface.

2- I set the D[31:0] = 0x 00 04 0A 02 to select the 0A parallel address, set as 04 to enable the PLL and set this parameter in write mode as wr is active low.

3- I set the D[31:0] = 0x 00 01 03 02 to calibrate the VCO

4- I set the  D[31:0] = 0x 00 01 0F 02 to calibrate the DAC.

5- I change the F[3:0] = 0010 and set the D[31:0] = FTW and change the IO_UPDATE as 1.

I suspect I cannot set the appropriate values to the registers because I cannot see anything on the SYNC_CLK with the PLL enable.

Can you help me with this issue?