AD9910 Eval board issues?


I am trying to use about a 9 year old AD9910 Eval Board to generate a range of sine waves say upto 400Mhz.

Unfortunately, I feel there are issues with it. There is an output- though but it appears distorted and I am unable to get it locked.

The signal appears to be like a frequency modulated wave even if I am using this in the normal mode.

Checking the signal at the SYNC-CLK (J9) also one sees a similar waveform. This is puzzling.

Earlier when i was using Windows XP, it had worked well. But now I have upgraded to windows 7 pro version- 32 bit.

Would this be the cause of the misbehaviour?

or what could be the problem????

Thanks in advance.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 18, 2019 6:22 PM over 1 year ago in reply to pra-kash

    If you are using version 2.1.0 of the evaluation board software, you should also reflash the EEPROM using the USB Evaluation Board Programmer.

    To Reflash the EEPROM

    1) Download and install the USB Evaluation Board Programmer.

    2) Power the board off and then remove jumper W3.

    3) Power the board back up.

    4) Reinstall jumper W3.

    5) Run the USB Evaluation Board Programmer. The board should be listed as Ezusb-0.

    6) Select "AD9910 Eval Board (32/64-bit)" in the "Select Evaluation Board Identity" section.

    7) Click the Program EEPROM button.

    8) Power the board off and back on again. 

    The evaluation board software should connect to the evaluation board now.


  • Thanks Shane,

    If I am rightly understanding, I should undertake the following steps:

    1) Uninstall the present 1.0 version from the PC and install the 2.1.0 version that is currently available on the net.

    2) Download and install the USB Eval board Programmer as in the link provided above by you...

    3) Reflash the EEPROM by following steps 1 to 4.

    4) If possible,  would like to know, what is the role of W3  jumper?

    5)  Just a little confusion in step 3 and 4. After powering the board; should the jumper W3 be put back immediately ??? (while the power in ON?)  Please clarify step 4.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 22, 2019 3:56 PM over 1 year ago in reply to pra-kash

    You can just install version 2.1.0 which should uninstall version 1.0 for you.

    On power up the USB Controller (U7) reads the board identity from the EEPROM (U3).

    If W3 is not installed on power up, the USB Controller cannot read the identity from U3, and uses a default identity.

    W3 should not be installed when powering up the board, so that the USB Controller will use the default identity, but should be reinstalled after the board is powered up so that the  USB Evaluation Board Programmer can write the new identity to the EEPROM (U3).

  • Hi Shane,

    Did as directed. uninstalled the previous version and installed the 2.1.0 from the AD website.

    Downloaded and installed the USB EB programmer as per directed.

    However I find the below message popping up :

    Device driver Software was not successfully installed

             Cypress EZ-USB FX2 (68613) - EEPROM missing   √   Ready to use

             Unidentified Device                                                      × Device Unplugged

            ADI Evaluation system  (LRFDev)                              √  Ready to use

    Kindly advice. Thanks

  • Also the CR 2 is flashing and the left bottom of the Evaluation Software it shows that 'Not Connected"  also flashing in Red. Next to this it shows AD9910.

    Secondly, during the initial running of the software, it shows the RED window.

    Please reply.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 23, 2019 5:43 PM over 1 year ago in reply to pra-kash

    Hi pra-kash, Please you verify the following information on your PC.

    1) Open device manager, the evaluation board should be listed in device manager as shown in the following screenshot.

    If it is not try powering your PC and evaluation board off and back on.  Then try the software again.  If it still won't connect please let me know how the evaluation board is displayed in device manager with Hardware Ids.

    2) The start screen for the AD9910 Evaluation Software should look like the following screen shot, and should display Version 2.1.0.