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Problem in measuring impedance at lower frequency from 10 Hz to 1k Hz using AD5933

Hello everyone, I am developing an impedance measurement system using AD5933 with a microcontroller. I can measure impedance from 47 ohms to several mega ohms from frequency range 5k to 100k Hz. Now I want to measure impedance from frequency range 10 Hz to 4k Hz. I have uploaded my AFE picture. I know there are many threads related to lower frequency excitation, I have gone through them but I did not get an appropriate idea.

I have uploaded a picture below. According to my understanding after going through this table, we can measure impedance at a low-frequencies by simply giving an external clock to AD5933 pin. I have tried but it's just working for 16Mhz and 4Mhz external oscillator clock. For lower frequencies from 10Hz to 1K Hz how can we measure impedance, do we need any calculation for settling cycle register?