AD9838 multiple device synchronization


I want to phase synchronize multiple AD9838 that generates the same frequency. Per my understanding the reset pin can be used to accomplish this function (connect the reset together for multiple chips and use the same MCLK).

My question is: Can I keep the RESET pin high during I program all parameters in all IC's (this keeps the output in middle position) then set the reset low to generates phase controlled signals?

And an extra questions: To set the output aptitude can I use instead of full scale resistor an 10bit digital potentiometer (eq. 10K or 50K); if yes, what is the minimum/ maximum value for Rset?


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As an update I found  Circuit Note CN-0156 that applies for AD9834. The note shown how to control the amplitude with a DAC. If AD9838 has the same structure, this answers to my second question..

I've found CN0156 that explain how to control output amplitude for AD9834.
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