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DDS with phase marker?


I am designing a Howland Current Pump, and I have previously used the AD9954 and AD9833 to generate the sine waves. I was looking to use the AD9102 as it seems easier to get hold of from suppliers, and has a broader frequency range for a single clock.

However, one feature I would like to add to my design is a phase marker i.e. a pulse on another pin when zero phase is reached. Is there a DDS IC that has this feature? or is there an example circuit (like a comparator after the DAC output?) 

Thanks for any advice you can offer!


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  • Hi Will,

    Thanks again for your input. I think an external comparator might be a good solution in my case. I was looking into the AD9102, and there is the DOUT pin which can be controlled by the pattern generator. Does this still work with continuous waveforms? As that might be a good enough for my needs.