AD5933 read time optimization

I am reading the impedance value by following below steps for my every measurement. My impedance range is 500 to 2.5kohms.

1. Put AD5933 into standby mode (Command)

2. Initialize AD5933 with the programmed start frequency (Command)

3. Wait for freq to settle (Settling time is based on the settling time cycle which is 100) (FW delay)

4. Start frequency sweep(Command)

5. Read the RValue and IValue 

My problem here is, I have to repeat all the above steps everytime when I want to read the impedance which takes around 400 Msec. This includes my I2C delay (My MCU and AD5933 are separate PCB's). 

My question is, do I need to repeat step 1,2 and 3 every time or I can skip it? 

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