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Accessing all pins of AD5933 on eval board


I purchased an AD5933 evaluation board for a student project.  I only needed the AD5933 chip itself, but I was not able to find any.  I thought that the evaluation board was basically the same, except with many additional convenience features added on. 

For the project (measuring body fat, I need to connect an arduino to the SCL and SCA pins.  Is this possible?  It seems the eval board has dedicated pins for the Vin and Vout, for example, but I can't see anything for the SCL and SCA pins. 


  • Hopefully somebody from ADI can help you to get samples.

    I2C lines on the board are connected to microcontroller U3, please see the schematic on pp. 23, 24 in UG-364.   from ADI says you can simply connect your I2C lines to the correspondent lines on the evaluation board as long as the U3 microcontroller is not communicating with the AD5933 or EEPROM there should be no conflict, see the discussion here. Good spot to solder some thin wires would be the signal pins of R15 (SDA)  and R16 (SCL) sitting next to U4, the layout makes it obvious which pins are signal and which are connected to beefy +3.3V trace.

    Best of luck!