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AD9959 - inputs to balun (available at output pins of AD9959)

I'm using AD9959 in one of my application.

1. In EVM Board schematic, DDS output pins 29 & 30 connected to 3rd & 1st pins of balun. Is the balun inpiuts can be swapped ? (i.e 29 th pin to 1st pin of balun and 30th pin to 3rd pin of balun). If we swapped the inputs to balun does it shows any impact on output ?

2. What will be the output of balun if we not swapped the inputs and if swapped the inputs ?

3. Here Balun using for impedance matching or to convert differential to single end signal ? If it is for impedance matching How ?

4. Out of 4 DDS output channels, can we configure two channels as per EVM and two other channels as by swapping the inputs to Balun ? How it will impact the outputs ?

Thanks in advance.

seeking for immediate reply