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AD9910 DDS for Linear FMCW


We have requirement of generating Linear FMCW with the following requirements:

1) Carrier Frequency-7Ghz

2) Bandwidth-30Mhz

3) Chirp type: Sawtooth or Triangular

4) Chirp time-8uS (16us-Triangular)

We are planning to use AD9910 DDS for generating Linear FMCW and up converting to 7Ghz using PLL HMC704 & VCO HMC505.

Could you please let us know Sawtooth/Triangular chirp is possible with time period of 8uS/16us in RAM mode and DRG mode using AD9910.

Also let us know what other DDS chipsets can be used to meet this requirement apart from AD9910.